The Fish Out Of Water Company wants to help you organize your words, thoughts and messages online and in print. Please contact us to help you with your:


Helping "brick and mortar" businesses reach out to online browsers and convert them into offline visitors and to keep in touch with existing customers between visits.


Helping build your community with collaborative newspapers, newsletters, websites, blogs and more. Online publications allow faster updates, increased frequency and unlimited space which allows for greater participation throughout the student body.

Organization or Club

Helping you find and connect with like minded people, collect and share information and promote your interest.

Broadcast Station

Helping you avoid FCC troubles by ensuring your Public Inspection File is complete and that you can pass a self-inspection of your facility. Also help with your station's website and program guide.


Helping you feel more comfortable using your computer by assisting with basic computer help, including working with e-mail, popular websites, social media, sharing photographs, selling on eBay and more.


Helping you write anything from school papers and business letters to novels and screenplays by giving you a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, an extra pair of eyes to check your words, or a platform to share your work.


Helping keep fans in the loop of new releases and upcoming shows. Update them on what the band is up to and otherwise keep them in the loop.


Helping you share your passion and connect to others who share it with you with websites, blogs, wikis and more.

We'd be happy to help you with other special or custom projects, too!

Give us a call at 401.889.3629 or e-mail bill @ fishoutofwatercompany .com.

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